Akasha - Tropical Fruit Storm Hazy IPA 6.2% 375ml

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It starts with a sudden wind change – your Panama hat sails off into the rapidly churning waves, and your flamingo and banana print XXL party shirt starts billowing wildly in the wind. Before you know it, you’re fully airborne; you’re caught in a hurricane of palm trees and houses and livestock, you can even see the faint figure of Helen Hunt pursuing you in a Jeep down below.

Now imagine that, but in a beer. You crack the can and aromas of tropical fruit immediately begin to escape. You pour it; it’s thick and juicy and turbid. The faint aromas become a barrage of fruit as you bring it in for your first sip. On the palate you’re greeted with a maelstrom of mango, a plethora of pineapple, and a cavalcade of coconut. There’s a raft of other notes – lime and citrus, fresh grapefruit, melon – you uncover more with each sip. A moderate malt backbone and subtle bitterness, however, keeps you anchored. The storm calms and you get to enjoy the lush, velvety mouthfeel and the gentle sweetness imparted by the fresh mango. ‘That was fun’, you think. ‘Better have another.’

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