Mismatch - Strawberry Berliner Weisse 3.6% 375ml

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Bubbly, effervescent and refreshing is the best way to describe our Strawberry Berliner Weisse.

We soured this BW in our brewhouse kettle with the assistance of lactobacillus bacteria. kept overnight at 30˚ under a blanket of CO2. Once the wort’s pH drops to the target 3.5 (approx) we pasteurise it to ensure we keep bacteria fermentation isolated to the kettle.
As we transfer to the fermenter we pump fresh strawberry juice into the Whirlpool to co-ferment with our freshly brewed wort.

Visually, expect a light hay colour with a slight shade of pink. Aroma is a mix of subtle fresh field strawberry’s, wheat and light funk. Overall this beer is light, refreshing and moorish.

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