Modus Operandi - Sour #02 Lime 4.5% 375ml

Modus Operandi - Sour #02 Lime 4.5% 375ml

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Since international travel is off the cards this festive season, we thought we would take you on a different type of adventure. Sit back, don a sombrero, close your eyes & crack open our latest limited release Sour 2 , a Mexican inspired Margarita Sour.

Whiff in a delicate note of Tequila and juicy sweet Citrus and Lime. That first sip, thanks to a delicate hop dusting of Lemon Drop at all the right times, will transport you straight to a fragrant heavy Fiesta evening with a soft sea breeze powdering your face. Too far? Perhaps.

But after you try this slightly salty, juicy lime, Margarita inspired Sour, we reckon we might just get you there with no isolation.

Wanna embrace the journey? Crack another, but be quick, Sour 2 will only be around for a limited time.

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