One Drop - The Big Bad Wold Imperial Pastry Stout 10% 440ml

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At 10 percent ABV, Big Bad Wolf could have been a dangerous monster, but its time spent in French oak barrels and the soothing effect of the nitro pour have ensured there’s nothing harsh about this big beast.

The dense, creamy head offers up aromas of sweet treats right from the get-go: think vanilla cream, a glass of Milo, and a big ol’ slab of tiramisu. The taste of the foam introduces the bold bitterness of the roasted malt - think dark roast espresso - but then the liquid returns to sweetness, with the fluffy chocolate experience of a Cadbury Flake. There’s also the coffee liqueur character of an espresso martini made on Kahlua - shaken, not stirred - and garnished with burnt brown sugar.

After the initial blast of flavours from the malts and adjuncts, Big Bad Wolf allows the hops to play their part, with the Slovenian variety Styrian Wolf introducing gentle floral notes of lavender and violet. It’s also here where the warm richness of the booze starts to shine. When it comes to complexity, this beer is the gift that keeps on giving.

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