Firestone Walker Peachy Bones 2019 Ale  6.1% 375ml

Firestone Walker Peachy Bones 2019 Ale 6.1% 375ml

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Another offering from our “Bones” series, featuring the fermentation of fresh fruit. In this instance California white peaches from Sanger, CA are fermented with a brett’d saison that has been maturing four months in French oak barrels. The synergy between fresh peach, wild microflora and oak components create a bright white peach flavor mingling with spicy yeast and oak aromas. Soft acidity and a firm carbonation lend “pop” to the overall sensory experience. It took four separate fermentations to create this concoction.

Wild saison farmhouse ale fermented with white peaches

Bottled: 07/20/2018
No. cases: 2200
Barrel ratio: 97% French oak, 3% American oak
Maturation time: 4 months
Titratable acidity: 9.5 g/L
Microflora: B. anomalus, B. lambicus

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