Two Metre Tall Cleansing Ale 5% 375ml

Two Metre Tall Cleansing Ale 5% 375ml

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At Two Metre Tall we brew a range ales available throughout the year. Brewed of mixed and wild fermentation, these ales will develop acidity and complexity as they age. 

Ensure you take note of the neck label that includes a host of detail about the particular brew you have in your hand. This includes brew & bottling dates, ingredients (including hop varietal detail), and tasting notes specific to your batch. The brew date is the important detail to note as it will provide an indication of where your bottle is in time and suggests what you may expect. The older the brew the more you are in for a treat of developing acidity and souring complexity.

Clean, crisp, aromatic and flavoursome on release. The ale will, after 3-4 months in bottle, take on a lovely, light, fresh citrus acidity which will keep the ale fresh, bright and 'cleansing' through many more months of ageing. 

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