Wild Creatures - Fly With Me (Sour Cherry) 4.6% 330ml

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Sour cherry in spontaneously fermented beer is traditional combination. This juicy delicious fruit stands on the beginning of our wild project. Although we were inspired by Kriek, we rely on local environment and our own way.

We use pale malts and unmated wheat when brew the base beer. In the open vessel we inoculate the wort and pump it into barrels afterwards. “Fly with me” is spontaneously fermented beer aged for months (sometimes more than a year). We do not use lab-derived yeast; it is 100% local microflora. Beer is aged till summer. Sour cherries are from local farmer we personally know. Sensitive treatment of the orchard is necessary as much as planning the proper time of harvest. The fruit must be well ripe and we have to process them immediately. We add into beer whole fruit (the ratio is 20%) and let it ferment and age for months.

You can feel true sour cherry in the aroma. Taste is bold, fruity, with light wood and long lasting.

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