Wild Creatures - Tears of Saint Laurent 6.2% 330ml

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Tears of Saint Laurent is very special to us. To produce this beer we used our vintner’s practice for the first time. Moreover we add grapes from our own vineyards into this beer. Vineyards mean a lot. We work there during the whole year to harvest the best quality. Aroma and taste of the grapes (known for plum or plum jam tones) is developing very well thanks to southwest orientation and limestone riff beneath. Saint Laurent variety is very old and traditional. It is so old that the scientists were not able to trace the origin. The variety came into being as spontaneous crossbreed of Pinot Noir with some unknown variety most probably.

We use pale malts and unmated wheat when brew the base beer. In the open vessel we inoculate the wort and pump it into barrels afterwards. It is spontaneously fermented beer aged for months (sometimes more than a year). We do not use lab-derived yeast; just 100% local microflora. Beer is aged till autumn. Wine harvest is done manually; it is the most sensitive way for the vineyard. Before we add it into the beer we remove the stems. Now the beer is fermenting and aged for months again.

Thanks to spontaneous fermentation and using traditional vintner processes, the taste is rich. You can discover new layers with every other sip.

We recommend Tears of Saint Laurent for all skilled sour beer lovers. This speciality can be produced only right after the wine harvest.

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